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Below you will find various guidelines regarding shipping:

Verification of the gross mass of packed containers - amendments to SOLAS regulation VI/2

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Shipping notice 2020- 1 Nautical accessibility Suhoza White Oil Bulk Storage 

Shipping notice 2019-07 Nautical accessibility De Molen jetty

Shipping notice 2019-06 Accessibility Staatsolie Jetty

Shipping notice 2019-03 Rubis Suriname Terminal

Shipping notice 2019-04 Accessibility La Vigilantia Port Facility

Shipping notice 2015-01 Minimum requirements for safe and efficient passage of sea-going vessels in Surinamese waters

Shipping Notice: 02-2016.ref.cargo information SOLAS

Shipping notices 2018- Accessibility Dr. Jules Sedney Haven

Shipping notices 2018-5 Accessibility Kuldipsingh Jetty

Shipping notice 2018- 4 Accessibility SOL Jetty

Shipping Notice 2018- 3 Accessibility Suriname River

Shipping Notice 2016-1 Nautical Accessibility Bacoven Jetty

Shipping Notice 2019-1 Nautical Accessibility Nickerie River

Shipping Notice 2016-1 Nautical Accessibility Corantijn River

Shipping Notice 2017-1 Nautical Accessibility Commewijne- and Cottica River

Shipping-Notice 2018-2 Nautical-Accessibility Vabi Jetty