Suriname River Dredging Project

Current Status SRDP 2022



Quantity Dredged (m3)

Completion (%)

Outer Bank



Resolutie Bank



Jagtlust Bank



Dijkveld Bank



Anchorage Suza.






  • Capital Dredging phase II CD 5.5m completed
  • No major concerns or issues occurred for CD Phase
    -Both technical and environmental
  • CD Phase completed ± 1 month before schedule (14 August 2023 planned)
    -All sections completed
    – 5.5 m CD in all sections (0-68 KM)
    -Anchorage Area Suzannasdaal included
  • In total dredged to reach -5.5 m CD
    865,000 (4.5 m CD) + 1,968,000 (5.5 m CD) = 2,838,000 m3
    -Previous project (2019): ± 1,650,000 m3
    -Total: 4,460,000 m3 (incl. anchorage area)


The lower section of the Suriname River serves as the main route for marine transportation and provides a shipping link for the industrial centers of Paranam and Paramaribo to the Atlantic Ocean. However, due to shallow depths in the navigation channel and shallow banks in this river section, most ships cannot pass fully laden and/or have to time their passage to coincide with high tide. This reduces the efficiency of shipping in and out of the Ports of Paramaribo and Paranam.

The aim of the Suriname River Dredging Project (SRDP) is to:

  • alter the existing navigation channel and create a larger and more defined channel and anchorage area of sufficient depth
  • allow for safe navigation of vessels under better laden conditions or during all phases of the tide in the navigation channel

This will increase in the operational draught of vessels – and hence increase the cargo efficiency (imports and exports) of Suriname. It is anticipated that the improved navigational environment will stimulate trade and development in a number of sectors, such as oil and tourism.

Suriname River Dredging Project

The project area covers a 68 km stretch of the lower section of the Suriname River (see Figure 1).  The project comprises of capital (initial) dredging, to remove sediment from the river bed and deepen and widen the channel, and maintenance (ongoing) dredging to maintain the channel depth. 

Location of Works:

  • Outer Bank Area (KM 0-30)
  • Resolutie Bank Area (KM 30-41)
  • Jagtlust Bank Area (KM 41-56)
  • Dijkveld Bank Area (KM 56-68)

The Suriname River Dredging Project (SRDP) consists of several phases. Phase 1 has been finalized successfully, which realized a depth of -4.5 m CD (Chart Datum, depth at lowest water level). Currently, phase 2 is on-going, where a depth of -5.5 m CD will be realized. See below for an overview of the phases.

SRDP 2021 (Phase 1)

  • All sections finalized on -4.5 m CD
  • All sections maintained for 6 months (and transitioned into Phase 2)
  • ±865.000 m3 material was dredged
  • 12 million USD (total costs)

SRDP 2022 (Phase 2)

  • All sections will be finalized on -5.5 m CD
  • ±2.000.000 m3 material will be dredged
  • 6 million USD (incl. anchorage area and maintenance period, excl. contingencies)
  • 10 months Capital Dredging (start date: 14 October 2022)
  • Two years Maintenance Dredging (siltation ranges from 700.000-1.600.000 m3 annually)

SRDP (Phase 3 and further)

  • Technical studies to be carried out (design, nautical, hydrological etc.)
  • Financial and economic feasibility studies
  • ESIA
  • Legal studies

All material is being dumped out at sea (Area A2, Outer Bank Area).

Below you can find the timeline of the SRDP 2022 phase 2.


Figure 1: Overview of Suriname River Dredging Locations

Organization Structure SRDP (Phase 1 & 2)

Dredging Equipment

Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD)

  • Crestway
  • Saramacca
  • (Lesse)

Figure 2: TSHD Crestway (Boskalis)

Figure 3: TSHD Saramacca (de Boer, Dutch Dredging)


Figure 4: Water Air Injection Dredger (WAID)
Delta Queen



Figure 5: Survey vessel / Bed-leveler

Figure 6: THSD Parana (de Boer Dutch Dredging)


Nautical Details Suriname River

Phase 1 (finalized)

Channel Depth          ( January 1st, 2022)

4.5 m

Average Spring tide

2.8 m

Average Neap tide

2.15 m

Average Water Depth Available at Spring tide

7.3 m

Average Water Depth Available at Neap tide

6.65 m

N.B. UKC not included, variable depending on ship.

Phase 2 (SRDP 2022,  currently available)

Channel Depth

5.5 m

Average Spring tide

2.8 m

Average Neap tide

2.15 m

Average Water Depth Available at Spring tide

8.3 m

Average Water Depth Available at Neap tide

7.65 m

N.B. UKC not included, variable depending on ship.