The Pilot Services Department

This department deals with the piloting of sea-going vessels. Piloting involves the guiding of a ship through the narrow and shallow waterways of the Surinamese rivers. A river Pilot guides vessels inside the coast of Suriname, from the Suzanna valley to Paranam and a deep sea Pilot guides vessels both inside the Surinamese rivers and the coast; this is from sea to Paranam and/or Nieuw-Nickerie.

The task of the Pilot on board the ship is to give directions to the Captain during navigation. From the bridge, the Pilot gives orders to the helmsman under supervision of the Captain. Orders are all oral orders given to the helmsman by the Pilot. The Captain has the general command of the ship. According to regulation, orders to the helmsman should be given via the Captain of the vessel.

Aboard ship, the Pilot uses tools and instruments for piloting. The instruments are aids in navigating (finding your way on the river). The Pilot Services Department must comply with international legal regulations during piloting for their own safety and the safety of the company, namely international treaties signed by the MAS with international organizations on piloting of vessels.